Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications typically are desktop or client server applications that correspond to development that is driven by technologies like AJAX, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, WPF, etc. Our resources are equipped to handle development of rich internet applications that range from small and simple websites or parts of a website, to large scale rich internet portals or modules of a portal. Rich Internet Application (RIA) services offered by Ablesoft Solutions enable organizations to efficaciously make an indent in the minds of the people viewing their web presence. Rich Internet Applications give your business an edge in terms of an online presence.

Rich Interactive Applications give a facelift to web applications and transform them into applications that are dynamic and classy with that make them good to look at and excellent to work on.

Ablesoft Solutions team is experienced in the use of diverse graphical and multimedia tools and RIA technologies. This translates to a complete understanding of what needs to be done and how, to ensure that our clients get an interactive, appealing, involving and unique rich internet application.

Rich Internet Applications Practice

  • Experienced in working with the very best and latest in RIA technology
  • Using tools and techniques that come under the RIA category for creation of applications
  • Taking into account various user experiences and suggestions
  • Experienced of using the right technology and platform to create optimally performing applications
  • Experienced at using various kinds of media such as Audio, Video streaming and other media to create cross platform solutions, to allow our clients to communicate and influence customers
  • Best-in-the-market resources, expertise and skill-sets
  • Custom solutions for companies from diverse verticals

Benefits of Rich Internet Applications:

Having a Rich Internet Application driven User Interface can keep a user engaged to great lengths and can radically improve the user’s involvement. The Ablesoft Solutions team also suggests areas within your system that gives you greater returns on the money you have invested.

Some of the most valuable benefits of having a Rich Internet Application are:

  • User engagement and more channels of interactivity
  • Stimulate return visits and usage
  • Uses latest, current, ‘cool’, technologies, generating the same impression about your brand

Rich Internet Application Enablement

  • Business Application
  • Portals
  • e-Commerce
  • Mobile Applications

Rich Internet Application Consulting

  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture and Usability
  • User Research