Application Testing Services

By employing the rigorous and finer aspects of the CMM development process and combining them with the Rational Unified Process (RUP) best practices and Agile development methodologies we ensure the high quality, extensibility of the end software applications, as well as time to commercial release of the delivered products. Application Testing basically means studying an entire application, clicking wherever required and going through the entire process that involves end user and back-end programming connectivity to understand how functional, robust and good a system is.

Importance of Application testing

The "price-time-functionality equation" is well known product development. An application has to be functionally ready and perform to the best of its capability, before it goes into the market. End users are usually unforgiving. A bad experience dents their mind and hence it is very important that an application is properly tested and fixed before an end user gets to try it out. Apart from an end user perspective, it is important from a brand standpoint, to ensure that your application holds up well against competition.

Our Testing process incorporates the following phases and steps:

Inception and Elaboration Phases:

  • Reviews of software requirements specifications
  • Definition of detailed test plan
  • Definition of functional test cases

Construction Phase:

  • Elaboration and extension of test cases, business testing and automated testing scenarios
  • Functional testing, including automated testing
  • Regression testing of the new builds
  • Preparation of the regular test result reports
  • Performance, stress, security, other non-functional testing

Transition Phase:

  • Customer testing
  • Overall testing results summarization and evaluation

Ablesoft Solutions Application testing services

Ablesoft Solutions provides a wide range of Application testing services that scale platform, technologies, format and type of code. These also factor in the User Interface aspect.

Benefits of Application testing

It is important for any company to know the way their application functions. Reading a business plan or a business analysts’ flowchart or a project lead’s SRS document gives you an understanding of an application. But how the application actually performs and if it meets all the objectives that it was meant to can be known only by testing. Some benefits of application testing are:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of your application
  • Get to know the pros and cons
  • Come across areas that can be enhanced, module that can be modified and sections that can be done away with
  • Once a project is live, there is less interest and intent to fix it. All fixes need to happen before it goes live and that is possible only due to testing